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Heat treatment belongs one important procedures to tooth pin products

hits:3908    date:2015-08-21

  The main role why excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacture provide the heat treatment process to the excavator tooth pin and rubber product, is to refining the thin crystal and increase the resistance abrasion ability of the excavator tooth pin and rubber, so the total use life of the excavator tooth pin and rubber can be increased. So the excavator tooth pin production manufacturer attention that when do the water toughening treatment, they need to ensure the temperature is very high or above the conditions limits, then all of the carbide matters can be fully dissolved.

  Most of the high manganese steel all adopts the water toughening treatment, but inn recent years, production manufacturer decide to add some suitable Mo alloy powder to improve the heat treatment result. Besides, the refining process also belongs to one kind of the heat treatment process, the main role is to increase the resistance ability of the high manganese steel material.

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