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Working condition temperature for fasteners can be range from -50 to 150 degree

hits:1888    date:2016-11-24

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer attention that according to the national standard requirement, users needs to ensure their excavator segment bolt had been used in the suitable work condition within the right work condition temperature, as general,the working condition temperature for all kinds fasteners can be range from -50 to 150 degrees, so professional excavator segment bolt supplier attention if the work temperature had beyond or smaller than this temperature range, this mechanical performance and physical performance for these fasteners would has a big differences.


  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer indicate that if the work condition temperature is too high, it would causes the excavator segment bolt had the smaller yield strength of its stress force had been reduced at the same time. Besides, under the high temperature work conditions, no matter which kinds and types of suffer loads are, users also need to according to the tension testing data to calculate the lose efficiency loads.

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