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How to right check the mechanical performance for excavator segment bolt?

hits:1874    date:2016-11-23

  According to the national production standard, the best metal raw materials for these excavator segment bolt products is the carbon steel and alloy steel materials, and the testing temperature for these excavator segment bolt can be range from ten degrees to thirty five degrees, but writer need to attention that the best testing temperature should be the room temperature condition, because the too high or too low testing temperature all causes the final chemical and physical performance for these excavator segment bolt has a big difference.


  If people wants to check the impact performance for excavator segment bolt, writer said the best testing condition temperature should never beyond -20 degrees, because if the testing temperature is colder than -50 degrees, several different kinds of steel metal raw materials would easy produce the cold shortness phenomenon, so the better testing temperature for these excavator segment bolt should never beyond its cold short transformation temperature, or the thread part would also become weakness too.

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