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Excavator can’t be normal working with the strange voice

hits:1918    date:2016-11-22

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer indicate that as long as these excavator had produce out several strange noises and voices during the common excavate works, and its engine part also can’t be continue work with the stabilize way, users all need to stop their excavator in time, unless the problem had been solved, or this excavator would can’t be continue working anymore.

  During the each repair period, no matter the excavator segment bolt had the abrasion damages and hurt or not, users also need keep a habit to detailed check the excavator segment bolt surface, especially of the head part, direction guide part and thread part, to check if these three parts has the cracks or indenture problem; these thread distance for excavator segment bolt also need maintain the original gap, or people would never use this excavator segment bolt again.


  When assemble the excavator segment bolt to the excavator structure, people should remember use the torque wrench and according to national standard to choose the right torque force.

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