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Main role for segment bolt is the connection effects

hits:2526    date:2016-11-21

  On these excavator construction, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said the main role for these excavator segment bolt is their excellent connection effects, which also can be direct influence the using performance for these excavator mechanical equipment, so all of the users should pay more attention on daily maintenance during the common using period, or these excavator segment bolt would easy has the broken off problem. But how to prevent these excavator segment bolt had broken off problem? Writer will give the right answer as following:


  Generally speaking, as long as the total work journey for these excavator segment bolt had beyond twelve kilometers, users should provide the second grade maintenance to excavator, such as tear down the engine part oil bracket, and check if the bearing bush has a too big gap distance, but also need to use the new excavator segment bolt to instead of the old abrasion damage excavator segment bolt at the same time.

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