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Installation processes for segment bolt is very complex

hits:1946    date:2016-11-20

  The first step: before install the excavator segment bolt into the installation hole, people need to ensure there are no dusts or impurities on the internal wall of the installation hole, for example, people can use hair brush and air cylinder to definitely clean the installation hole for three times.

  The second step: according to the national standard requirement and limits, when people use the electronic tools to drill the excavator segment bolt into the installation hole, they need to ensure the fastest turning speed for electronic tool should never beyond seven hundred and fifty tunes per minute, and the fastest boost speed for excavator segment bolt should never beyond two centimeter for each second.


  The third step: professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said according to the different engineering construction environment temperatures, the static display time for these excavator segment bolt should has a big difference as well, as general, it can be range from ten seconds to three hundred seconds.

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