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Technique questions for excavator segment bolt

hits:1999    date:2016-11-19

  The first technique question is the damages problems to concrete based materials, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said due to these excavator segment bolt had been installed with a deeply depth but also add the strength for the concrete, these segment bolt surface would easy has the damage and hurt problem.

  The second technique problem is the damages to excavator segment bolt raw steel metal material, and this technique problem also associate with several different elements as well, including the installation depth for excavator segment bolt, the strength for concrete, the adhesive strength for chemical adhesive agents and the features for steel raw materials.


  The last technique problem is the damages, when people need to pick out the excavator segment bolt from the installation hole, there are several different reasons causes this technique problem, such as the strength for chemical adhesive agents and there are lots of impurities and dusts exist in the installation hole.

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