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Why there are white color substances appeared on segment bolt surface?

hits:1923    date:2016-11-16

  After all of the production procedures are finished, but there are several white color substances had appeared on the excavator segment bolt surface, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturers indicate that these white color substances maybe belongs to the phosphide products, and professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said the main reason causes this phenomenon is because production manufacturer doesn’t use the acid type washing machine to washing these excavator segment bolt products, and the rinsing washing groove also didn’t been full clean as well.


  If these surface substances on the excavator segment bolt appearances can’t be full washing away in time, it would direct influence the using performances and functions for these excavator segment bolt during the normal using period, but also easy causes these excavator segment bolt has a shorter service time, and these excavator segment bolt also easy had the broken off and damage problem during the earlier using period.

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