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Why surface color for segment bolt changed?

hits:1968    date:2016-11-04

  To improve the abrasion resistance performance and enlarge the surface hardness degree, production manufacturers would provide the extra quenching process to their excavator segment bolt products, but after the quenching technique, several excavator segment bolt surface color had changed, the main reason is because these excavator segment bolt had been socked into the ethyl ether liquid for a certain time, so there are several oily products had been produced on the excavator segment bolt surface, and if the surface color had changed, it also means these excavator segment bolt doesn’t been fully washing clean.


  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufactures also need to warn another production manufacturers that they need choose the right display methods to put their excavator segment bolt products after the heat treatment, but also use the clean water to fully away the surface oil residue on excavator segment bolt surface, or it would easy causes these excavator segment bolt had the tiny oxidation phenomenon during the quenching process.

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