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How to right maintain these mechanical parts?

hits:2498    date:2016-10-23

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer attention even through these fastener belongs to the small dimension parts, but they had play an important role in lots of mechanical machines and equipment, which also had been used as one important and necessary accessory. So during the common using period, users need learn more maintain skills to right maintain their excavator segment bolt and another mechanical parts in time. So in this article, professional excavator segment bolt supplier will mainly teach consumers how to right extend these fastener service life, but also improve the using performance for these mechanical machines.


  When make the quenching process to these excavator segment bolt and anther fastener products, production manufacture should use the silicon acid salt washing agents to washing away all of the surface impurities, then clean rinsing these mechanical parts in the clean water to ensure there are no residue on these mechanical parts surface, which would causes them can’t be normal working.

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