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Segment bolt can be installed with a easily way

hits:2014    date:2016-09-29

  Generally speaking, the whole installation methods and steps for these excavator segment bolt is not very difficult, for example, people need prepare a alloy steel drill head, which diameter is same with the diameter of excavator segment bolt, the next step is install this drill head on the electric drill machine and use it to make several holes on the wall. Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer attention that the total depth for the drill hole should be same with the total length of excavator segment bolt, then put the excavator segment bolt together with the assembly parts into the whole.


  To prevent these excavator segment bolt can’t be pick out from the installation hole, writer attention that people should never turn off the nuts, the next step is right screw down the nuts until the excavator segment bolt had been good fixed and has no loosen phenomenon, the last step is install this firm assembly parts. Which had several installation holes to aim at the installation hole and right to install them and good screw down.

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