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How to right clean these bucket tooth?

hits:2621    date:2016-10-21

  Firstly: during the leave sand clean and hanging transport process, writer attention that these wheel loader tooth pin would never contact with each other, also never use the big strength to flap on these bucket tooth surface or put down the from the high height, which would easy causes the wheel loader tooth pin had the broken off problem due to stress force and impact force.

  Secondly: production manufacturer also needed pay more attention on the open box time, when the box is open, workmen should never put their wheel loader tooth pin casting pieces over the draught. The right open box time for these wheel loader tooth pin is sixteen hours later, when the whole casting technique process is finished.


  Lastly: when provide the heat treatment to these wheel loader tooth pin, writer attention people should never use the gas cutting tools around the pouring moth. When put these casting wheel loader tooth pin pieces into the furnace, workmen should clean away all of the adhesive sand and welding cracks on bucket tooth surface.

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