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Adopts compound method to make up these compound materials

hits:2616    date:2016-11-12

  All of the abrasion types, which had happened on excavator tooth pin and rubber can be regard as one kind of high impact and slipping abrasion material abrasion damages, which needed a very high contact stress force, so to prevent the abrasion damages produced, writer indicate that these excavator tooth pin and rubber needed been produced with the excellent tenacity property, but also maintain the relative slipping speed between the harden mine stones and excavator tooth pin and rubber surface as faster as better, but also needed the raw materials for these excavator tooth pin and rubber had a very high hardness degree too.


  So production manufacturers can use two different kinds raw materials and use the compound manufacturing methods to produce their excavator tooth pin and rubber to fully meet up with actual needs, such as the high manganese steel or low carbon alloy steel can be used as the based body, and simple insert these harden alloy steel to help improve the resistance abrasion performance for excavator tooth pin and rubber.

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