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how to divided bucket teeth pin rely on the different manufacturing technology?

hits:2883    date:2016-10-07

  As one of the famous excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturer, we had produce our excavator tooth pin and rubber products with several different manufacturing technology and process, which also had been regard as one kind of common distinguish method to these excavator tooth pin and rubber, for example, these bucket teeth pin can be divided into chemical heat disposal bucket teeth pin, cover layer disposal bucket teeth pin and deformation enhance disposal bucket teeth pin.


  These excavator tooth pin and rubber products also had been produced into the different resistance abrasion harden layer as well, for example, if the depth for the resistance abrasion harden layer is range from two to three millimeters, then the main production technology for excavator tooth pin and rubber including the carburizing, high frequency quenching, fire flame quenching and coating; if the depth for abrasion resistance harden layer of excavator tooth pin and rubber is range from 0.3 to 0.75 millimeters, the its main production technology are the coating layer treatment and melting layer treatment.

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