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How to right protect the ESCO bucket tooth pin surface?

hits:2631    date:2016-11-10

  Professional ESCO bucket tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that the surface of these ESCO bucket tooth pin is easily to been damaged, so users needs take some measures to right protect it and help to extend the total service life for ESCO bucket tooth pin, so in this article, professional ESCO bucket tooth pin production manufacturer will teach consumers how to according to the different resistance abrasion characters to right divided these ESCO bucket tooth pin and take the different protection measures.


  Generally speaking, users can through improve the surface hardness degree for ESCO bucket tooth pin to improve its abrasion resistance performance, for example, they can provide the external normalizing performance to ESCO bucket tooth pin to ensure its external surface can separate out several different carbon products, then use the chemical and physical bead methods to provide the recover the surface flaw and cracks problem. User also can coating a layer of resistance abrasion alloy film on ESCO bucket tooth pin surface to extend its total service life.

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