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Through analyze the manufacturing technology to solve the abrasion problem

hits:2515    date:2016-10-29

  When people decide analyze the manufacturing technology for ESCO bucket tooth pin to solve the abrasion and lose efficiency problem, writer suggests them to prepare two samples from the front working surface and the back working surface of ESCO bucket tooth pin first, grinding these two samples with the smooth and flat surface, if there is a big hardness degree difference on one same sample, then we can confirm the raw material for ESCO bucket tooth pin has the uneven problem.

  Then provide the grinding, polishing and corrosion process to these samples, we will find there are some obvious boundary lines on these ESCO bucket tooth pin sample surface, but their appear positions has a big difference.


  If around the boundary line has the light gray color, but the center part has the darkness color, then we can confirm this ESCO bucket tooth pin belongs to insert casting pieces, and due to the insert didn’t fully show out its effects and causes the ESCO bucket tooth pin has the earlier lose efficiency problem and worse abrasion resistance performance.

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