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Two steps help you analyze the lose efficiency problem for ESCO bucket tooth pin

hits:2754    date:2016-10-17

  If the ESCO bucket tooth pin has the earlier lose efficiency problem, to figure out the main reasons causes this problem happen, writer suggests users detailed analyze the organization for the ESCO bucket tooth pin first.

  For example, users needed detailed check the based body for the ESCO bucket tooth pin at the first time, such as the based body is makes up by colorful thin pieces shape organization, and the insert organization is makes up by red pieces shape and colorful fine pieces, especially far away from the section zone, which is full of the red pieces shape organization, and through the micro hardness testing, we can find these red pieces shape organization belongs to the ferrite, and the colorful fine pieces organization is the troosite organization or the mixed organization for the troostite and peralite.


  Professional ESCO bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said through use the abrasion testing machine. We can find these based body and insert all has a better resistance abrasion performance than these normalizing No45 steel.

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