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Working surface for bucket tooth needed guarantee the same pressure force

hits:2696    date:2016-09-23

  Generally speaking, the working surface for these ESCO bucket tooth pin can be divided into the front working surface and the back working surface, and during the excavate work time, these two working surface needed maintain the same pressure force, or it would causes the ESCO bucket tooth pin has the earlier lose efficiency problem. For example, if the positive pressure force for the front work surface is bigger than back working surface, then the front working surface would has a more serious abrasion damages at the same time.


  Because ESCO bucket tooth pin belongs to the important compound part for the entirety excavator machine, which also easily to been damaged, but users just need to replace the new teeth top part but don’t need to replace the whole ESCO bucket tooth pin, and writer also suggests users to choose these famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin to guarantee the higher quality, but also prevent the earlier lose efficiency problem happened within a short time.

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