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According to current production situation to adjust the pouring temperature

hits:4402    date:2015-08-20

  As one of the professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer, we had professional supply high quality bucket tooth pin products to the domestic and whole world market more than ten years, compared with other production manufacturers, our factory has the more customers and resources, the main reason is because during the current production situation, we can according to the current situation to reduce the pouring temperature, pouring speed and the height, when provide the pouring process to the bucket tooth pin.

  Some people may ask that how to define the suitable reduce the pouring temperature? Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said the answer is that under the premise of ensure the pouring can produce into the whole casting piece, to reduce the physical and chemical effects to sand mold, which produced by the metal liquid, so if production manufacturer also don’t know how to right reduce, they can according to the use instruction to right adjust.

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