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Temperature of the casting piece should be uniform

hits:4003    date:2015-08-20

  During the whole production period, the packing degree of the mold, which used to produce the bucket tooth pin should be maintain very high, for example, the packing degree of the sand mold should be same or bigger than eighty five, besides, to prevent the gap between the sand grains are very big, the uniformity of the sand mold also need be very excellent. If the sand mold, which used to produce the bucket tooth pin has some abrasion damages, people can recovery it first, but bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that after the recovery process, the sand mold need be very tight, especially of the recovery position.

  People also need to right adjust the pouring system and the pouring head of the bucket tooth pin, to prevent the temperature of the casting piece and casting mold cavity are not uniform, so when design the pouring system,designer should avoid the pouring channel directly pouring on cavity wall.

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