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Distinguish the imported and domestic bucket tooth pin from the packing method

hits:4151    date:2015-08-19

  Compared with the domestic bucket tooth pin, the sell price of the imported bucket tooth pin are more expensive, even though their quality are same, but some people still choose buy the tooth pin products, which produced by other countries. So in this article, writer will teach common people how to distinguish the imported and domestic bucket tooth pin products from their outside packing method:

  Generally speaking, when we choose one goods, firstly, people had to check its outside packing method, it is also same to the bucket tooth pin, so we can say that the imported bucket tooth pin has the essential difference between the domestic bucket tooth pin products, such as that the color of the packing method, and the packing type all has the difference, besides, with the different packing method, their detailed introduction information would be different too, so people can though the certificate of the quality to distinguish them.

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