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Suitable maintenance tips for caterpillar bucket teeth

hits:3378    date:2016-08-14

  With the continue using for excavator machines, profession caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said the total abrasion quantity for excavate caterpillar bucket teeth also would be enhanced with the increasing of the use life, after its total abrasion quantity had achieve the certain degree, the whole caterpillar bucket teeth pins and caterpillar bucket teeth would be break down, and users would can’t use this caterpillar bucket teeth anymore. So during the normal using time, writer suggests users to learn more suitable maintain tips to help them extend service life for bucket teeth.

  After the whole excavate work had finished, lots of users would tear down the caterpillar bucket teeth pins and caterpillar bucket teeth first, then stock them in the sealing positions, writer had to attention them this is the wrong storage method, because there are too muck soil, dusts and impurities had leave out on the caterpillar bucket teeth surface, users need to clean out all of them first, then maintain the edges for caterpillar bucket teeth has the smooth degree as usual, then stock them in the right place later.

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