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Due to the too fast excavate speed cause the too big impact force

hits:3524    date:2016-08-13

  When bucket teeth top part begin to contact with the excavate project’ surface, profession caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said if the excavate speed is very fast, then the bucket teeth top part will suffer the too strong impact force well, so if the yield strength for caterpillar bucket teeth pins and bucket teeth is not very big enough, this too strong impact force may causes the plasticity deformation changes on bucket teeth top part.

  With the increasing of the excavate depth, the force bearing status for caterpillar bucket teeth pins and caterpillar bucket teeth would be changed as well, especially, when we use caterpillar bucket teeth to cutting off materials, between caterpillar bucket teeth and materials would produce the relative movement, so on the caterpillar bucket teeth surface would has a very big positive extrusion force, between the working surface for caterpillar bucket teeth pins and material also produce a big friction force at the same time.

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