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Excavator can’t be normal working without bucket teeth

hits:2656    date:2016-08-06

  The main role for komatsu bucket teeth pins in the excavator is not only a small mechanical part, as general, if the quality for bucket teeth is not very high, then the whole excavator would can’t be continue normal working. As we know, both komatsu bucket teeth pins and bucket teeth all need to contact with excavate projects and earth ground with a longer time, so they would suffer the bigger friction force than other parts, and bigger friction force also bring the more serious abrasion damages as well. So if users insist on using the serious abrasion bucket teeth, the excavate efficiency would be reduced and the excavator also causes a bad abrasion damages.

  Profession komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier said no matter which kinds of mechanical parts are, if their quality is not very high or can’t meet up with production standard needs, their total us life all would be shorter and easily to has some troubles during the common using period.

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