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Why teeth holder never been damaged by abrasion problem?

hits:2579    date:2016-07-04

  The professional bucket teeth pins supplier said because production manufacturer had use the axis to connect the bucket teeth pins and teeth holder and their installation position are difference, so during the excavate time, teeth holder will suffer less impact force and never has the big abrasion damages, so this is also the reason why we don’t need replace the new teeth holder often. But even though, the bucket teeth pins easy to has the serious abrasion damages, but if we fully instead the bucket teeth pins and teeth holder, it will causes the big waste and also need costs a big amount of money.

  So writer suggests people only instead the bucket teeth pins, because it also can guarantee the higher excavate efficiency as usual, but also can help to save production costs and improve the resource use force. To ensure the bucket teeth pin can be easy to tear down, when its time to replace the new bucket teeth pin, writer suggests to use the pin to connect the bucket teeth together with teeth holder.

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