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Metal materials had been widely used to produce bucket teeth pins

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  Because the main materials for bucket teeth pins are the metal materials, which need exist between the bucket teeth and teeth holder for a long time, so it need suffer the long time abrasion as well, besides, the main raw material for teeth holder and bucket teeth pins are metal materials too, so their all has a very heavy weight, during the work time, these also had to suffer the pressure from the internal of earth ground, so this is the reason why bucket teeth pins had to produced with a very high strength and resistance abrasion performance, this role is to prevent often repair it and replace the new bucket teeth pin with a shorter time.

  Because excavator had to long time working in the outside working situations, so it may easily to contact with water substances during the rainy day, so the metal materials, which used to produce bucket teeth pins also need to has an excellent resistance corrosion ability.

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