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rational use skills for bucket teeth pins

hits:2719    date:2016-06-22

  bucket teeth pins is famous for one of important based accessory among the excavate equipment, which is easy to damage and broken, so to guarantee the better application results, expect to reasonable select the bucket teeth pins products, the rational using, maintenance and protection during the daily life is also very important. So in this article, writer will teach some useful rational using skills about bucket teeth pins in the next paragraph:

  To ensure we can find out the reason why bucket teeth pins has the earlier loss efficiency problem with a shorter time, we need analyze its suffer capacity situation first, we all know that under the different working objects, bucket teeth pin will suffer the different abrasion and impact force. Then we also need test the curtain harden degree for this bucket tooth pin, because it can provide the important data to check which maintenance processes is suitable. The last rational using skill is keep a habit to washing the bucket teeth pins.

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