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Developing tendency for machine tools industry

hits:2686    date:2016-06-18

  According to the professional insiders information, the domestic machine tools industry will has some big changes, such as these high grade bucket teeth pins machine tools would still mainly produced by overseas production technical, the demands for bucket teeth pins machine tools in our domestic market will become bigger and hotter. Because the main contents for bucket teeth pins machine tools is box body, speed change mechanism and bucket teeth pins etc, several of these parts has a very strict and high production precision degree, so production manufacturers had to imported these high precision parts from the other countries.

  But compared with the traditional machine tools, bucket teeth pins machine tools has lots of advantages, such as its technical contents is higher, so it can guarantee the higher production efficiency and production precision, but when choose the bucket teeth pins, which used in bucket teeth machine tools, they need ensure these teeth pin products has big enough hardness degree and resistance abrasion performance.

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