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Bucket teeth pin belongs to very important mechanical transmission components

hits:2577    date:2016-06-14

  We all know that bucket teeth pins had been recognized and accepted by more and more common people is because it belongs to one of the important mechanical transmission components, besides, we also can regard the bucket teeth pins as the very necessary based accessory, because it had been widely used in lots of mechanical industrial areas. For example, compared with the other machine types, the bucket teeth pins machine has the highest technical contents ad most complex construction design ideas.

  But in our domestic market, we can find that all of the domestic bucket teeth pins had been sold with cheaper price, because their technology contents is lower than these imported bucket teeth pin products, besides, these domestic production manufacturer also lack of the ability to self invent and research the new bucket teeth pins, so these domestic bucket teeth pins products has a very weakness competition power among the whole world market.

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