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Three different teeth shapes for bucket teeth pins

hits:2547    date:2016-06-10

  We had to confess that bucket teeth pins is the most easily broken and damage part among the whole excavator machines, so to reduce the abrasion damage, operators need provide the suitable maintenance to these bucket teeth pins timely, and according to the different using situations to choose the bucket teeth pins with the different teeth shapes, because according to the different using areas, the teeth shapes for bucket teeth pins can be divided into three different types, such as the rock teeth shape, conical teeth shape and earthwork teeth shape.

  As general, the rock teeth is the most common and widely used teeth shape, because it is suitable for any types excavate equipment, and mostly used to excavate the iron mines, stone mines or the other harden rocks, etc; but the main using for these conical teeth bucket teeth pins is to excavate the coal mine and this is its only application area; the demands for earthwork bucket teeth pins is very hot, because it can be used to excavate sand oil, sand stones and rocks, etc.

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