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Each excavator all has their own limited run-in period

hits:3134    date:2016-04-05

  After excavator had been normal produced, they will has their own limited run-in period, which is about sixty hours, profession bucket tooth pin supplier said we also can called this run-in period as the breaking-in period, which had been planed and delimited on the based of the excavator technical features in the early use period. Profession bucket tooth pin supplier said the run-in period is very important, because it can guarantee the normal working and extend the total use life for excavator in the later time, but also can be used to reduce the failure rate of excavator.

  But bucket tooth pin supplier indicate that there exist some people, who had ignored the limited run-in period and makes the excavator continue working for a long time, it would easy to causes the excavator has some damages and problems during the earlier use life, so bucket tooth pin supplier suggests all of users should pay more attention on the run-in period requirements.

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