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The load and work range for excavator should be fully clean

hits:2963    date:2016-04-02

  As general, profession bucket tooth pin supplier said in the normal loads and work ranges for excavator, there should has no another tracks or walking man exist, besides, when use the excavator to unloading soils to the automobile, bucket tooth pin supplier said the right method is to right and steady stop the automobile first and after the driver had leave the driving cab, then operators can control the excavator to rotating the bucket later and begin to unloading soils.

  During the rotating process of excavator, bucket tooth pin supplier said the highest height for bucket should never beyond the top position of driving cab, and the bucket tooth should be adjust into the lowest height to unload materials, or it would easy to crash with the automobile body.

  If excavator had to work in its rotating diameter work condition, bucket tooth pin supplier said operators should stop rotating excavator anymore and fully hold the rotatory mechanism, then begin to the normal excavate works later.

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