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Excavator should stop and work on the flat earth ground

hits:2977    date:2016-03-30

  With the continue increase of the several different kinds and type construction engineering, bucket tooth pin supplier said the total work quantity to workers also become bigger and bigger at the same time, so more and more mechanical equipment and tools begin to enter into human body sight and help to finish hard works with a shorter time. But bucket tooth pin supplier attention that if people had use the mechanical tools with the wrong way, it will causes the broken damage, but also increase the production costs, so in this article,bucket tooth pin supplier will mainly teach people how to right use the mechanical equipment, such as excavator as following:

  As general, profession bucket tooth pin supplier said people need to stop and need to ensure the work condition for excavator is the flat earth ground, but also need to use the landing legs to right support the excavator; during the working period, bucket tooth pin supplier said excavator should maintain in the parallel position for the whole time and right hold on the running mechanism.

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