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Difference between three different excavate methods

hits:2948    date:2016-03-29

  The first excavate method: the backhoe excavate, profession bucket tooth pinsupplier said compared with face excavate, backhoe excavate has a smaller excavate force, so it only suit to excavate the first to third grade soil, which had under the stop surface of excavator, but also need to ensure the depth for the based hole or groove should never beyond four meters.

  The second excavate method: the pull excavate method, profession bucket tooth pin supplier said the excavate direction for pull excavate is the back and down direction, under the help of self weight to cutting off soils, so we can use it to excavate holes with the higher depth and bigger diameter. So bucket tooth pin supplier said we not only can use full excavate method to excavate the soils under the stop machine surface, but also used to dig bigger and more depth base pit.

  The last excavate method, the grab excavate method, bucket tooth pin supplier said difference to first two excavate methods, grab excavate is used to dig the base pit with the narrow width but with the deep depth.

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