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Why excavator bucket adaptorer can’t be normal output voltage?

hits:2722    date:2016-03-08

  If there are no mistakes with the insurance pipe, which had been installed on the excavator bucket adaptorer, but the excavator bucket adaptorer still can’t output any voltage, we can confirm this switch electric current can’t be continue working or it had enter into the protection state. So the first solve step is to check the confirm value for the driving electric power for the electric power control chips’ start food, if it can produce no start electric power or the start electric power is too low, we need to check if the external connected compound parts and start electric resistance has the leakage electric power problem.

  After we had start the excavator bucket adaptorer, the output end for the control chips has no electric power saut changing problem, it means there are something wrong with the control chips and the peripheral oscillation circuit component had been damaged, so we need to replace the new control chips and exterior elements as soon as possible.

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