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Why output voltage can’t been controlled in the right range?

hits:2198    date:2016-03-07

  The professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer said if the performance for the switch transformer device is not very perfect, it will causes the output electric power had been declined, so the switch pipe will can’t been stimulate big enough and causes the switch pipe has the broken off problem, so this is the main reason why excavator bucket adaptorer has a lower output voltage.

  But if you find the output voltage for the excavator bucket adaptorer is very high, it also had beyond the normal control range, such as the output voltage had higher than the input voltage, as general, the output voltage comes from the voltage sampling and voltage control circuit. And if one of the closed control loop parts had been broken, such as the direct electric output, sampling electric resistance, sampling error amplifiers, such as the TL431 device, optical couple and power control chips,etc, they all can causes the excavator bucket adaptorer has a higher output voltage.

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