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Three reasons cause the output voltage become lower

hits:2342    date:2016-03-06

  The first reason: if the output electric power edge filter capacitor has broken or the commutation diode pipes, which installed on the excavator bucket adaptorer has the loss efficiency problems, these two factors can causes the output voltage become lower than normal range, so to solve this problem, we can choose the interchange method to confirm which part had been wrong and solve it in time.

  The second reason: if the performance for the switch tube had been slow down, then it will lead the switch tube can’t be normal contact with electric power, so the internal resistance among the electric current would be increased and causes the excavator bucket adaptorer load capacity reduced and output voltage reduced as well.

  If the performance for the filter capacitor is not very excellent, it will causes the electric current has a worse loads capacity ability, so after the excavator bucket adaptorer had contact with the loads, the output voltage would be declined.

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