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Two common problems, which easy to happen on excavator bucket adaptorer

hits:2657    date:2016-03-05

  During the normal use time, most of excavator bucket adaptorer may easy to has the electric road problems, including the electric supply road had been damaged and can’t be normal connect with electric power, the connect joints has the oxidation phenomenon and causes the bad contact problem happen, etc. To solve this common problem, users need to check if the input electric wire and output electric wire can be normal contact electric supply or not. If this part is normal, we need to check if the electric road has some problems, and we can replace the new electric wire to solve this problem.

  If the insurance wires for the excavator bucket adaptorer had been burning broken or blow off, we need to check if the switch pipe had been break down and causes the insurance has the burning problem, such as its electric control core and electric current check resistance had been burning broken at the same time.

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