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Stock the excavator bucket adaptorer in the suitable temperature situations

hits:2517    date:2016-03-04

  The professional excavator bucket adaptorer production manufacturer said difference to the other electrical products, excavator bucket adaptorer has several special requirements to its storage places, for example, we need stock them in the drying and flat places, to prevent the water substances corrosion the internal electric compounds part and prevent them fall to the ground and damage its inside electric road board.

  Besides, the temperature for the storage places also need be suitable, because if the temperature is too high, the high temperature will causes the electric compound parts’ use life had been reduced and produce some damages to charger, to some plastic part, also easy to has some deformation or melting problems due to the high storage temperature.

  But if the excavator bucket adaptorer had been stocked in the low temperature places, after it had start working, its internal temperature would be raising and causes there are too much moist air exist in the charger and damage the electric road board.

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