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Never use strong chemical agents to washing excavator bucket adapter

hits:2643    date:2016-03-03

  If there are some dusts, oil or other impurities had been leave out on the surface of the excavator bucket adaptorer, people can use the small strength to wipe off these dirt first, then use the cotton to soak with little absolution alcohol to carefully scrubbing the external surface, people need remember that that they should never use the strong chemical agents, cleaning agents or strong scouring agents to cleaning the excavator bucket adaptorer

  Users also need to keep a habit to cleaning the chargers and charge couple, for example, they need tear down the excavator bucket adaptorer from the excavator first, then use one wet cloth or one piece of anti- static electric power cloth to washing these two parts. Because during the cleaning period, excavator bucket adapter also can discharge out several static electric circuit, so people can’t use the dry cloth to scrubbing charger and charge couple to prevent static electric charge produced.

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