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excavator bucket adaptorer can contact with any water substances

hits:2453    date:2016-03-02

  As we know, excavator bucket adaptorer belongs to one kind of electrical products, so when we stock it or use it need to far away from the wet places, especially to ensure there are no water substances can be contact with excavator bucket adaptorer. Because the writer attention if we had display the excavator bucket adaptorer in the moist air or hasn’t use it for a long time, its internal electric compound parts may easy to has some different corrosion and oxidation problems in different degrees.

  In the internal space for the excavator bucket adaptorer had been installed lots of small electric compound parts, they also easy to broken, besides, the excavator bucket adapter also belongs to one weakness products, so during the transport period, we need display them on the flat places and good fixed them, to prevent them fall to the ground. People also can’t use the big strength to throw or beat the excavator bucket adapter, because these movements all can damage the internal electric road board or plate.

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