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Difference between charger and adapter

hits:2598    date:2016-03-01

  The professional excavator bucket adaptorer supplier said the main role for the charger is to change the alternating electric current into the low pressure direct electric current, and supply the electric power to excavator, because it had adopts the electric power semi conductor as its main compound parts, so even through the electric pressure and frequency for the alternating electric current had maintain same for the whole time, but still can change it into direct electric current, so excavator bucket adaptorer supplier said we also can regard the charger as one kind of static current transformer device.

  But the main role for excavator bucket adaptorer is one kind of interface transfer device, which makes up by the external shell, electric power transformer and rectifier circuit, etc. So we can use the excavator bucket adaptorer to change the electric current type, which can be used to charge for excavator. Because each excavator bucket adaptorer had been produced with their own special and independent hardware interface device, so we also can use it to transfer information.

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