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All of the using index had been marked on name plate

hits:2422    date:2016-02-29

  On the surface of each excavator bucket adaptorer all had been produced with one their own name plate, which can list out all of the using index information, such as the working power for the excavator bucket adaptorer, the output rate, input rate and the electric current quantity, etc. But writer had attention users to pay more attention on the input electric pressure range for the excavator bucket adaptorer, because this index is the most important to ensure if it can be used in some special electric power situations.

  For example, if the electric current pressure of one area is only 100V, we need to ensure the biggest working electric current power for excavator bucket adaptorer should never beyond this value, or it will can’t be normal working and easy to has the short circuit problem. Besides, if the input electric power for excavator bucket adapter is 100V, but the electric supply power is 220V, then this adapter will has the burning broken problem.

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