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Erect type bucket teeth pin has a more simply construction

hits:2794    date:2016-02-28

  On the basic of the different uses and working situations, production manufacturer had produce the teeth holder, which used in China bucket tooth pin into two different types, they are the transverse type and erect type, and their influences and effects also has a big difference. But writer said compared with these transverse type China bucket tooth pin, the construction for erect type bucket teeth pin is more simply, because it is suit to any types excavator machines, but also can be replaced with a very fast speed. In one words, erect type China bucket tooth pin can help to improve mechanical working efficiency, especially during the toughness working period, its function will be more important and prominent.

  Even though most of the China bucket tooth pin all has a excellent resistance abrasion performance, but because it need to working frequency in different directions and situations, so operators still need choose the suitable excavate speed to help reduce the damages happen rate.

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