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Depends on use situations to confirm the right type and kind

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  When choose the China bucket tooth pin, consumers should not only take account the sale price and functions, but also need reply on its working situations to choose the right types and kinds, because these China bucket tooth pin had been divided into several different types according to their special using places, such as the rock bucket teeth pin, earth rock bucket teeth pin and taper shape bucket teeth pin, etc. We also can according to the different teeth holder to divide the China bucket tooth pin into three different types, such as the shaft bucket teeth pin, horizontal bucket teeth pin and rotary digging bucket teeth pin.

  Only use these China bucket tooth pin in the right application areas, its excellent functional performance can be fully show out, but also ensure it has a excellent resistance abrasion performance, so its total use life can be longer than these China bucket tooth pin, which had been used in the wrong application areas.

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