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Wrong operation methods causes the lose efficiency problem happen

hits:2547    date:2016-02-23

  If operators had operating the China bucket tooth pin to do the excavate works with a too fast speed or wrong operation methods, these China bucket tooth pin will easy to has the lose efficiency problems, for example, if operators find on the working surface for the bucket teeth pin products has several obvious scratches, but there has no obvious cracks, they need to replace a new China bucket tooth pin timely; but if the front working surface has the serious abrasion damages, operation need to confirm its suffer pressure and friction force first, then decide to replace the new bucket teeth pin or not.

  To ensure the China bucket tooth pin can gain the excellent functional performance, writer suggests production manufacturer to provide the relevant casting technology to these China bucket tooth pin, to help improve their resistance abrasion performance and extend the use life. Of course, if there are serious abrasion damages or big troubles happen, it is very necessary to replace the new bucket teeth pin or repair it in time.

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