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Sand casting technology has a lower production costs than forging casting technology

hits:2385    date:2016-02-19

  As we know, these China bucket tooth pin has been widely used in excavator machine tools, and its function is very important and positive, so when produce these China bucket tooth pin products, manufacturers also need according their current economic situations to choose the right casting technology, because these three different casting technology method has a very big production performance and production costs, they are the sand casting technology, forging casting technology and precision casting technology.

  Professional China bucket tooth pin supplier said the production costs for the sand casting technology is the lowest, but its casting quality is the lowest as well; among these tree casting technology, the forging casting can guarantee the best casting quality with the suitable production costs; because precision casting has a strict requirements to production technology level and materials, so its production costs is the biggest, but it can guarantee the China bucket tooth pin has an excellent functional performances.

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