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Internal space for installation hole need keep drying for the whole time

hits:1740    date:2016-02-17

  No matter the internal space for the installation hole or the surface of the excavator segment bolt all need keep cleaning for the whole time, so before insert the excavator segment bolt into the installation hole, we can use the suitable cleaning agents to washing its surface and use the drying cloth to wiping dry, the purpose is to prevent excavator segment bolt has the serious corrosion damages among the installation hole.

  These segment bolt need been stocked in the right places, which can keep drying, shady and cool for the whole time, the sunshine also can’t directly expose to excavator segment bolt surface, besides, the stock room’ temperature need maintain from five degrees to twenty five degrees.

  The other special installation situation is the installation hole is not fully drying, as general, workers can choose to continue install the excavator segment bolt, but writer need to attention them it means this segment bolt needs to costs more time to solidification and drying.

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