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Pay more attention during the construction period

hits:2623    date:2016-02-16

  Firstly: the professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture attention that before use the electric drilling machine to drill the installation hole, they need to ensure the electric drilling machine, drilling head and based materials has been vertical with each other. To guarantee the installation hole’ diameter and depth dimension has a small tolerance, excavator segment bolt supplier attention the biggest tolerance for vertical hole or parallel hole should never beyond two degrees.

  Secondly: professional excavator segment bolt supplier said the installation hole need be far away from the steel bars, especially of the pre-stressed bars and carrying steel bars, so during the drilling time, if the drilling machine stopped suddenly or the drilling head can’t be moving forward anymore, operators need to stop drilling as soon as possible, to check if the installation hole had contact with the internal steel bars. If the answer is yes, excavator segment bolt supplier suggests to drilling a new hole in the other position, and use the chemical binder agents or cement to fulfill the old drilling hole.

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