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Standard construction procedures, which used to install segment bolt

hits:2812    date:2016-02-15

  The first construction procedure: on the basic of the diameter for the excavator segment bolt, worker need to use the electric drill machine to make out a suitable installation hole on the earth ground, which diameter and depth all match with segment bolt’ diameter.

  The second construction procedure: use the hair brush to cleaning the installation hole, then use the air bump to blow out all of the dusts, which exist in the inside of installation hole, the excavator segment bolt supplier said the best choice is use air bump to blowing three times until there are no powder dusts escaped. If the hole wall is very wet, we need to leave a curtain time to ensure it had been fully drying, because there should has no water among installation hole.

  The third construction procedure: put the metal shell into the installation hole, until ensure it had stick to the bottom of hole.

  The last construction procedure: put the excavator segment bolt into the installation hole and use the nut to screw down later.

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